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We support the abolition of cash for cameras schemes in the UK, the removal of speed cameras where accidents have not decreased, and refocusing of police resources to pursue the real menaces of the road: uninsured, unlicensed, or drunk / drug drivers and unregistered, untaxed, or poorly maintained vehicles.
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Car insurance prices impacted by speeding convictions. Read more. 12-Oct-11 [source: MoneySupermarket.com]
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Government denounces speed agenda and rethinks road safety. Read more. 12-May-11 [source: Daily Mail]
Comment: We applaud the realisation in Government that speed cameras donít deal with the vast majority of causes of accidents on the road. New police powers to deal with careless driving on the spot would only impact on accident figures if they increase traffic patrols to catch the careless drivers often seen on the road. Given the police spending cuts thatís unlikely.
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Fraudulent claims resulting in explosion in car insurance prices. Read more. 19-Oct-10 [source: Money Supermarket.com]
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Book Review
Ex-traffic police officer reveals UK driving secrets. We review the book to discover if it can really help in cancelling speeding and parking tickets.

Mobile speed camera lies - Great Speed Gun Scandal

At speedcameras.org we campaign to get the government and police to sensibly address law enforcement on British roads and to adjust their policies to save the most number of lives. Speed cameras and the Safety Camera Partnerships are not the answer and do not work as the facts we present here prove.

More people die unnecessarily in hospitals from poor hygiene than in road traffic accidents. Yet the government's response to prevent 5000 unnecessary deaths a year in hospitals is to tell staff how to wash their hands. Meanwhile, poorly located speed cameras fail to prevent accidents (2003 had the highest death rate since 1997) and according to police data exceeding the speed limit is the cause of only 4% of accidents. Why not refocus resources on the other 96% of causes?

So why would the Government continue to support a scheme that is simply not working? Because success is not measured by the number of lives saved but by the amount of revenue generated - £120 million in 2003.

Speed cameras can cause accidents - click for more info
Speed cameras are a dangerous distraction - read more.

Please take a few minutes to read through the facts about speed cameras that we've compiled from the Government's own figures and other reports. Read our special feature: One Million Illegal Drivers in UK - no justice when illegal drivers kill on roads. Wondering what the government's guidelines are on the placement of speed cameras? Read this.

"The important thing is not to stop questioning" - Albert Einstein
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19 April 2014

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